What's close to Easdale and Wesdale

For those visiting Orkney, you’ll find both Wesdale and Easdale self catering accommodation a perfect base for your holiday. Situated on the outskirts of the beautiful town of Stromness, the houses are a short drive from many of the attractions Orkney is famous for!

Within five miles of Wesdale and Easdale is the Neolithic heart of Orkney – where massive stones have been mysteriously erected by people 5,000 years ago. The Standing Stones of Stenness, pictured above, stand some 16 feet high. The Ring of Brodgar nearby is a circle of 27 (originally 60) stones, whose purpose remains unknown. Close to the stones is Maeshowe – a Neolithic tomb which was used as shelter by Vikings on a winters night – the carvings and runes they left are among the finest in Europe.

On the west coast of Orkney is the Neolithic village of Skara Brae which gives a real insight into what everyday life was like in 3,200 BC.

There’s wartime history 15 miles away – the Churchill Barriers once blocked submarines from attacking the British Fleet in Scapa Flow and now serve as roads to the south isles. The Italian Chapel is a beautiful place – built from nissan huts by Italian Prisoners of war. Wrecks from this period of time are a popular draw for sports divers.

However, there’s much more to Orkney than history – there are beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs and amazing sea stacks such as the Old Man of Hoy. Orkney also has an abundance of birds, seas full of curious seals and lochs full of brown trout that are free to catch. There are arts festivals, music festivals, superb restaurants and bars, midnight sun in the summers and Northern lights in the winter.

Stromness itself has much to offer – with a great swimming pool just a stone’s throw from Wesdale and Easdale, a world class Art Gallery in the centre of town and a magnificent golf course by the sea. Restaurants, bars and shops are a short walk from Wesdale and Easdale, and a walk down the meandering main street of the waterfront town is a joy in itself! At the end of a great day’s sightseeing you can enjoy your nights in luxury at Wesdale and Easdale.

As Orkney’s poet George Mackay Brown said:

‘There is magic in Orkney, but it is not the kind of magic that can be caught in holiday brochures. The essence of Orkney’s magic is silence, loneliness, and the deep marvellous rhythms of sea and land, darkness and light.’